Slic3r vs. Cura

I realize this is pretty deep into the nerdiness, but I decided to switch slicer programs from Slic3r to Cura.  Super glad I did.  Even though I spent a big part of the day making sugar cubes…

So the way this works is that the center of enclosed shapes is hollow-ish.  Because it needs to put a top on it at the end, it fills the hollow space with a grid pattern.  The struggle I was having is sealing the top of the shape.  Changing speeds and thicknesses finally paid off.  You can see the progression from right to left as I dialed it in.

Once I got it set up I printed another part for GLaDOS.  I now need to work on adjusting speeds.  It took almost an hour longer than the same part using Slic3r.  During the print I dialed the speed up to 120%, which didn’t break anything, so I can spend some time making adjustments.  I definitely prefer the way Cura generates the support structures.  All in ll, it was a good switch.