This is awesome!

Special thanks to /u/commmando_cookie0 for posting GLaDOS pics to /r/gaming.  For the curious (and those demanding proof) this is, in fact, /u/tutunkommon.  Update to follow:

I had to reprint the base, which took all night again.  The quality is SO much better using Cura than it was with Slic3r, so I’m glad I did.  I pressed the bearings in, strung the wires, and mounted the servos.  I’m a bit concerned that the large servo didn’t fit in the space for the elbow.  I put the micro servo back in and if I need to, I’ll add a bit of spring assistance to get the arm moving properly.

I need to dig out my Arduino and the servo control board that I have.  Last I saw them they were both on a bread board, so time to go closet diving.  I’m going to make the remote control for it and probably end up mounting it over my desk at work.  Meanwhile, she is currently hanging in my living room.  Here’s a bunch of pics.