Hooking everything up!  Three of the four servos are in the lower part of the arm, so it’s getting a bit crowded in there.

So I have 20 AWG wire coming down into the wiring area, and am soldering it up to what seems to be 28 AWG wire on the servos.  But I do so undeterred.  Here you can see the wiring box.

I pulled some 24 AWG wire down for the “eye” LED.   For some reason, I am morbidly amused by the sight of her with the wires coming out of her eye.
I’ll try to get some more pictures tomorrow.  I should have the soldering done by then.  Currently, she looks like the first time you see her in portal 2 because I have the “elbow” disassembled and the wires pulled through to make it easier the work on.

I almost feel bad for her.  Except I’m pretty sure she still thinks I’m fat.