A busy week (or so)

I’ve spent the last several days learning to use MeshMixer, a 3D modeling software package.  Sadly, I don’t think I can post any pictures right now, because the project I’ve been working on could turn into a paying gig.  If it does, there’s a good chance I will make enough to pay for my printer (and possibly a bit more).  Don’t want to mess that up.

In other news, I got the new servo for GLaDOS, and of course it was too big to fit into the slot.  An hour of Dremel time later, I’m covered in melted bits of PLA plastic, but the damned thing fit.  I ended up taking the bottom off the servo shell and covering it will electrical tape, and couldn’t use a screw to hold the servo control arm onto the linkage (not enough room for the screw head) so I filed out the control arm and linkage and used a small rivet I found cluttering up my work table.

Finally, I assembled and wired the control model for GLaDOS.  (That’s what the picture is).  Yes I realize CAT 5 is solid core wire and is probably the worst choice for this project, but……  Oh well.  This is the test version.  I’ll scrounge up some stranded, flexible wire for the final, final version.

In the background of the photo, you can see GLaDOS lying about waiting for the two part epoxy to harden on the wrist / neck rotation servo.

And now we’re up to date!