My improved Logitech G13 Game Pad

Check it out!

So the G13 game pad is only available in right-handed configuration.  Being left-handed, this annoyed me on principal.

So I broke out the dremel tool, cut the joystick module off the right side, and moved it to the left.  I extended the wires so it would reach.  I have pictures of the process, but what this post is about is the part I just printed.

The joystick module was epoxied onto the left, but it kept popping loose.  Over the course of the last couple nights, I’ve been working in Fusion 360, iterating over a design that would support the module properly.
This is the sequence of parts.  It starts with the orange ones, and ends at the end in blue.  If you click on it, you can see the hooks that attach the final piece to the game pad, as well as the pocket that the joystick part sits in.


Here’s some shots of the final assembly.  Enjoy!  Feel free to ask questions.