I am a wizard

After over 20 years, and the loss of a complete set of 1st edition rulebooks, I am playing Dungeons and Dragons again.

For several weeks, I was hit with an indescribable urge to play a necromancer.  In a stroke of serendipity, a coworker mentioned that he had a friend that was looking to start a 5th edition D&D game.  The stars aligned, and we’ve had 2 sessions so far.  At the last minute, my oldest daughter, Mary-Joyce, decided to come with.  As the mother of  a nearly 18 month old, she has decided this is her “me time”.

Back in the day, i was a dungeon master.  It is my calling.  Despite playing my wizard, I am preparing to start a game of my own.  If anyone has read my story of Brighton and Lynarra, I’ve decided to use that world / story arc to build me campaign arc on.

As a side note, I will probably run my campaign online using either Fantasy Grounds or Roll20, so it won’t require in-person meetings.  If anyone out there is interested in joining in, let me know.  It will probably be about a month yet before I’m ready, as I am still creating all my maps and stuff.

Thanks for reading along!