A new beginning

Toying with story telling again.

“Some days the best thing is to put in a hard days work.   Other days are best to lock up and go fishing.  The problem is you never know which is which until it’s too late.”

This is a re-telling of Brighton and Lynarra’s story from earlier.  I’ve decided that, like before, Lynarra is able to use magic, but I’m adding a steampunk-ish twist in that Brighton is a mechanical craftsman.

Anyway, story telling is starting to bloom again, which makes me happy.  What do you think of the opening?

My improved Logitech G13 Game Pad

Check it out!

So the G13 game pad is only available in right-handed configuration.  Being left-handed, this annoyed me on principal.

So I broke out the dremel tool, cut the joystick module off the right side, and moved it to the left.  I extended the wires so it would reach.  I have pictures of the process, but what this post is about is the part I just printed.

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Happy Birthday….

…to me!!!

Had a great day hanging out with my wife.  We went to a local distillery for moonshine tasting.  Came home and made one of my ketogenic-friendly pizzas for dinner, then made up my own recipe of sorts for some no carb breakfast snacks.

Also, I should have an update on my potentially paying 3D printing gig.  I’ve abandoned MeshMixer for design work.  Instead, I use Fusion 360.  I did in an hour of work in Fusion what took me almost a week in MeshMixer.  Definitely an improvement.  I’m loving working in it.

And that’s my day!  Had a good time even without firing up the XBox.  Yay, me!

Dishonored and Dismay

I’ve been playing (and finished) Dishonored 2 for the last several days.  I played low-chaos as Emily Kaldwin, which I really enjoyed.  It also has a mode called New Game +, where once you finish a play through, you can start a second game and carry over all your skills from the first play through.  So I started a second game as Corvo Attano, this time as high-chaos.

On the dismay front, I epoxied all the potentiometers into the GLaDOS controller, at which point I found that there is something electrically wrong with them.  I have no idea what the deal is, but I will probably end up having to reprint the whole d@mn thing if I want to  use the controller.

Which means I may find another way to control GLaDOS instead.

A busy week (or so)

I’ve spent the last several days learning to use MeshMixer, a 3D modeling software package.  Sadly, I don’t think I can post any pictures right now, because the project I’ve been working on could turn into a paying gig.  If it does, there’s a good chance I will make enough to pay for my printer (and possibly a bit more).  Don’t want to mess that up. Continue reading