Dishonored and Dismay

I’ve been playing (and finished) Dishonored 2 for the last several days.  I played low-chaos as Emily Kaldwin, which I really enjoyed.  It also has a mode called New Game +, where once you finish a play through, you can start a second game and carry over all your skills from the first play through.  So I started a second game as Corvo Attano, this time as high-chaos.

On the dismay front, I epoxied all the potentiometers into the GLaDOS controller, at which point I found that there is something electrically wrong with them.  I have no idea what the deal is, but I will probably end up having to reprint the whole d@mn thing if I want to  use the controller.

Which means I may find another way to control GLaDOS instead.

A busy week (or so)

I’ve spent the last several days learning to use MeshMixer, a 3D modeling software package.  Sadly, I don’t think I can post any pictures right now, because the project I’ve been working on could turn into a paying gig.  If it does, there’s a good chance I will make enough to pay for my printer (and possibly a bit more).  Don’t want to mess that up. Continue reading


So GLaDOS is torn apart again.  I got the Arduino doing some servo cycling, but the elbow servo wasn’t strong enough and burned out.  I had tried to mount the electronics in the base, but that was a bust as well.

I’m attaching some cat 5 to the leads to get the electronics mounted remotely and trying to find a micro servo with at least 3 kg-cm of torque.


Still moving forward though.  More updates as events warrant.